abolkog.com is retiring soon. I have decided to shutdown the website and move everything to our new website barmaga.io Make sure to update your bookmarks

سيتم إغلاق هذا الموقع قريبا جدا. سيتم نقل جميع الكورسات الي موقعنا الجديد هنا barmaga.io

Senior Software Engineer
South Korea

Hi, I am Khalid Elshafie 

A dude from Sudan who loves coding so much to the point he became totatly crazy (and refers to himself in the 3rd person ! ).

I am a software engineer with 10 years of experince in Software development/Engineering. I am passionate about writing code, try new tech as well as sharing what I learned with others. Hence this site :) 

I post tutorials on my YouTube channel everynow and then. You will also find all of those tutorials here at my site.  Also you can find some of my courses on Udemy

You can also view my Resume from here if you are interested in hiring me for your next project.